Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lunch painting

Quick study done over lunch.
I've been thinking about fish a lot lately.


Sarah said...

Hey Colin! I am so glad you posted this blog-I love to see what you have been you to. It is all so beautiful! I think that I have known you long enough and seen how you have progressed over time enough to say that it looks like you have really started to find your niche. I can see so much of you in these most recent pieces which is why I think they are so wonderful! Take care and I will hopefully talk to you sometime soon. (give my love to Jess) Love you- Sarah

Colin Campbell said...

Sarah, this means the world to me. Thank you.
I think you're right, too, insofar as I can evaluate myself. I'm having a lot more fun, playing a lot more. I think it's coming out honestly. That you, and a few others who have watched for awhile, have said the same gives me hope.
Still, a lot of work to do. I've got a lot of unanswered questions.

jamie holmes said...

Very cool I love it!.

Jamie Holmes.