Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New landscapes and getting back into things

I'm going to be doing a show at a very cool wellness and acupuncture studio in Baltimore during the Baltimore book festival, so I'm working on some new pieces for it. It's a small space, so I'm making digital prints instead of oil paintings, and I'm teaching digital illustration at MICA this semester so it's a decent excuse to get some more time in with Photoshop. CS5 is a crazy, new beast, anyway, that's worth getting used to. I'm not certain I agree with some of their changes, but it looks like all the core stuff is intact, if a little hidden.
I've been terribly busy in the last few weeks, and I got engaged, but I'm working on a number of things again and should be posting more. As always, thanks for any feedback.
These are seasonal. I'm nearly done with Summer and Winter here, but Autumn is only half way there. Spring is next, obviously.

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wren said...

Hi Colin,

These studies are so great! Erie and haunting - I'm suprised I'm the first to say how cool they are - particularly the middle one with the amazing land forms. The feeling of different seasons really comes across. Thanks for following my site - honored that you're interested to see what I'm up to - promise to keep working hard at it.