Sunday, November 21, 2010

I like trees lately

My sister had her first child last year around this time, and I was supposed to make a tree painting for my nephew. I have it now, for his first birthday, and it's going home for Thanksgiving for him. So this is for Elliot.

I like painting trees. They're not exactly easy, which is surprising considering how often we see them. People can imagine trees very easily, but actually looking at one and drawing it makes you realize how very weird they can be. This a bit of a fantasy tree, so I can make up a lot, however.

Jess told me making the little boy float is weird. I like it, but I'm going to think on it.

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JOLANTA said...

Hello, I'm Jolanta, I just stared following yor blog, and really thanks for the gorgeos pieces of work you share , also for the very well organized blog in general, found all the marvelour artists from here to follow.

Also, I agree on trees, once wannted to sketch something not too complicated and thought trees would be perfect! To my own surpise found myself struggling at the end of it :D they really CAN be weird :D

Anyways, I'm an aspiring artist myself and also have a blog, and if by any chance you'd like to follow it (leave critiques on any of my works) I'd be really happy :)

Good luck with your future projects!