Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cirque Final

I've posted some works in progress of this one for awhile now, but finally knuckled down in my free moments for the last couple of weeks and made this piece pretty complete.
See what you think. I've got a story about all of this growing in my mind, so I might pursue it a bit more.

A few things I listened to keep myself in a Circus/surreal mood while painting:
  • Rupa and the April Fishes, Extraordinary Rendition
  • Beirut, The Flying Club Cup
  • Laura Marling, I Speak Because I Can
  • Amelie Soundtrack
  • Devotcha, Little Miss Sunshine Soundtrack
  • Jonsi, Go
Thanks for checking in!


Anonymous said...

(this is Gina-Marie, hello:)
I fricking LOVE the Amelie soundtrack! But who am I kidding, I love the movie and everything about it, as well. I love the piece you finished, too :) Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Colin, this piece is so great! I love it love it love it. -erin d.

Richard Gaines said...

Absolutely beautiful work! I was brought to your attention by one of your prodigal students, Brandon Wu.

Colin Campbell said...

Thanks very much, everyone!
Richard, I'm looking forward to having Brandon in my class. We got snowed out last week, but will pick it up again this week.