Saturday, May 15, 2010

Elopement Oil Painting WIP

Getting some good headway into an oil painting of the Elopement.
This is being painted in my studio at School 33, which I love. I've been too busy to spend all the time there I want, but it's been great. I'll post some more photos of the space soon.
I'm enjoying doing digital sketches that I then take into traditional medium. It allows me the ability to test things out quickly and make drastic changes.
Ultimately, though, I still love oil and watercolor. They have a quality digital can't reach, though it has its own unique characteristics. It's not just the texture quality or anything like that - those things can be simulated, digitally. It's the reality of it, the weight of a canvas, the object made by human hands that you can live with. Traditional media breathes.
I'll post more as it nears the finish.


Sam Gauss said...

Ha! You posted! This looks amazing, and I completely agree about digital and traditional medium. There's a risk and consequence that digital doesn't have. Digital is great, but the safety about it also takes away some of it's power... If that makes any sense?
But I can't wait to see more of this!

Janice said...

Cool! When's the studio tour?