Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mock Turtle

This is one I finished a bit ago and didn't post.

So here it is.


wren said...

I hope you realize how much this illustration really rocks. Not only is there a technical prowess behind the way it is executed, but you've channeled a really strong emotional tone through the subject and the environment that surrounds him. When an artist is able to evoke an emotional feeling, it breathes life into what would otherwise be a technical exercise. I admire the hell out of how you've done it with this piece.

Jeremy Enecio said...

yay! finally get to see it finished! looks stellar man. love the range of colors you've used in the creature.

maybe you could add something into the image that gives us a reference of scale, like a seagull or crab or whatever? or if you want him to be gigantic, maybe add a bit more texture to his skin to give him a dirtier, aged, reptilian look.

either way, great job on this piece!

Zach Montoya said...

Man Colin this looks great. The colors are way way better.

Isaac Orloff Illustration said...

wow, for living in antarctica, you and i certainly have a lot of mutual friends.


Colin Campbell said...

Thanks so much, all of you. These comments mean a great deal to me.
Wren, that's awesome, coming from you. It's what I was hoping for with this one.
Jeremy, I think you're right. I'll probably hit this guy for a couple of tweaks in a bit, and I'll find something to give him some scale.
Zach, yep - I think walking away from this for awhile gave me the distance to rip the entire background out and start over, which is what it needed.
And Isaac, yes we do. I don't really live in Antarctica anymore, but I do miss it. I was thrilled to find your work not long ago. Thanks for sharing it with everyone.