Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New plan. Long time away.

Soooooo I haven't put anything here in awhile.
A few things have been happening.
1) I'm getting married in a couple of months.
2) My fiancee and I are moving and bought our first home.
3) We're working to finish Reckoning at Big Huge Games.
4) I finished teaching at MICA for the spring.

All of that pretty much means I've largely had to put down my brushes until I'm past a fair bit of it.
That said, I've decided I still need to keep posting, even if it's just little sketches to keep me working on my own stuff a little bit while everything else is going on.
So my plan is to try and post something as much as possible, hopefully a few times a week.
I'll start with this:
It's a commission I finished a short bit ago for a novel cover.
It was a very specific composition requested, so it was a unique challenge.

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wren said...

Thanks for keeping us in the loop Colin. Congrats on all the big changes and accomplishments. Keep posting, don't worry about how small, old or loose the piece is. Really like the book cover - it is a tough concept to pull off, but you did a wonderful job with it.